drone flying above crops

7 Ways Drones Have Revolutionized Photography

If you looked up into the sky above an event–a wedding, sporting event, rally, or similar–chances are you’d find a drone hovering above. The photos and video that come from these flying crafts have been changing the photography landscape.

An ability to reach places never thought possible are now fully realized with drone and UAV advancements. Drone’s have truly revolutionized photography in a variety of industries and there’s no going back. Here is a look at 7 Ways Drones Have Revolutionized Photography.

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what is the future of art

What is the Future of Art?

Art is timeless. It is one of the most basic ways by which humans can express themselves. Our fears, our dreams, our visions of a better world or of the afterlife or of worlds across the stars; all these have been represented through the limitless media of art since prehistoric times. The course of history, a tale rich in the rises and falls of empires and religions and political agenda, runs parallel to the evolution of new ways of expressing ourselves through art.

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How Video Games Have Revolutionized the Art Industry

Art has developed considerably in just the last 40 years. The twin influences of technology and video games have advanced the process of developing and distributing art to levels never before seen in either culture or commerce. Some could credibly argue there has never been a better time in human history to be an artist.

But what do these advancements mean from a commercial standpoint? Is art more valuable now? Can art adapt and be utilized in ways that weren’t possible before? Does art create commercial opportunities for itself and other products?

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da vinci portrait

5 Reasons Leonardo da Vinci Was the Greatest Artist Ever

Ask people to name a famous artist, and they are likely to mention Leonardo Da Vinci whether they know anything about art or not. His influence cast a broad shadow over the art world. He stands as one of the greatest artists humanity has ever seen.

“But is he overrated?” you might ask.

Leonardo was truly a unique individual, not just artist, and part of the value and superiority of his art is his interest in the world around him.

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Top 10 Adobe Illustrator Plugins

Adobe Illustrator is considered the premium product for those who love drawing, illustrating and making vector images from scratch. While Illustrator has significantly fewer plugins than its counterpart Photoshop, there are still plenty to choose from. These additions make your workflow much easier while also adding new tools and functionality. These 10 plugins stand above the rest and deserve a spot in your artist arsenal.

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artist tools

A True Artist’s Essentials for Success in a Modern World

What an Artist Needs

In the modern world, there are many entities in pop culture toted as artists. Sometimes, these personalities and brands are nothing more than a veneer, manufactured by a conglomerate to net the highest profit. Manufactured stars are quite popular, and sometimes, the latent talent of true artists can be overshadowed by a more trendy spectacle. However, it’s possible for real artists to thrive and be successful without sacrificing their authenticity and special qualities. Below are several of the essentials an artist needs to soar creatively and net the success they’ve always dreamed of.

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5 Ways Photoshop Can Help Your Art Career

Why Learn Adobe Photoshop?

Artists in this day and age can’t afford to be careless. Your work should be flawless and mirror perfection. There are many tools at your disposal to support you in your career. In your art career Photoshop is indispensable. Any serious artists understand the value and significance of using Photoshop. Using Photoshop or any other quality graphics program is essential for all design and print-related career fields. You are probably asking why you should bother with Photoshop when your work is great. Here you will know why:

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6 Tips to Writing the Perfect Short Story

Many people may have thought about writing their own short story, and their imagination may have even challenged them to put a rough draft version on paper or even Microsoft word. However, when people truly want to shape and define their short story, there are specific tips you should follow to turn a once imagined idea into a reality.

Today, we will be going over these six perfect writing tips to help you lay out your ideas into a workable readable masterpiece.

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Top 5 Digital Cameras for Professional Looking Photography

Best Digital Cameras

Technology is surrounding every individual`s work and leisure activities. It is improving many aspects of educations, jobs, medicine. It is delivering services efficiently and fast. One important aspect of technology that many people have appreciated is digital cameras. Digital cameras are way better than mobile phones and any other usual cameras. It has the ability to display image instantly after it is recorded. It can store many images the same time because it has a memory card in it. Some recent digital cameras have better functions like image editing.

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poets and writers

Top 10 Creative Writing Resources for Beginners

People get into creative writing for a variety of reasons. For some, it may be to pass away the time, others may find writing therapeutic while others feel an innate sense to write. All of which are valid reasons but finding the appropriate resources to help you kick start your writing can be quite a tussle. The following 10 online resources will prove to be quite helpful in helping you create your content.

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