5 Best Places for Beginners to Learn to Use Adobe Products

How to Learn Adobe

If you’re just beginning to learn of all of the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, it can seem overwhelming. There are so many options for you to explore and create with, the possibilities seem absolutely endless. However, it would be nice if you have a place that you could learn this multifaceted program at your own pace. This article will review the five best places for a beginner to learn Adobe.

1. Lynda

The first resource on our list is the website, Lynda. This site offers almost 300 Adobe courses, and they have over 17,000 video tutorials that you can browse through. Each video is taught by instructors that are easy to understand and follow, so you’ll have no trouble learning. This site does cost $25 per month, but with everything the offer, it is well worth paying this fee. They have a trial offer that you can use as well before you pay for it, so you can experience this site and see if you want to continue. The tutorials and videos start with the very basics and move up to intermediate and advanced, so you’ll be able to develop your Adobe skills as you progress through the courses.

2. Adobe’s Tutorials and Tools

If you’re just beginning to learn a program, it makes sense to go to the program itself. Adobe offers dozens of tutorials, and you have the option to sort them by beginner or expert levels. It is a good idea to start with what Adobe can do, along with the basic features, and then move on to the Intermediate tutorial section. In this section, you’ll find step by step tutorials on how to use the basic features of the program like cropping, color correction, masking, and working with different layers. Once you’ve completed the Intermediate tutorials, you can start with a variety of project-based tutorials. These tutorials will walk you through applying what you just learned on a step by step basis from the beginning of the project to the finished result. Adobe also offers a free 13 hour introductory course.

3. In Person Training

If you’re someone who does better with in person training, there are options for you to learn Adobe as well. If you want an intense introduction and overview, you can sign up for an Adobe boot camp course through Ledet. You check their calendar and find out when they’re going to be in your area; then you select a class you’d like to enroll in. This is a more expensive option, but you cover a broad range of topics, and you really get immersed in the entire Adobe program. Your local college may offer classes on Adobe as well, and you can check into them by simply contacting the college’s admissions office. Hands on training are very effective, and you have someone there to answer your questions if you get stuck or need help.

4. Envato Tuts+

Enavo Tuts+ offers dozens of easy to follow Adobe tutorials and they range from beginners to an advanced level. There are also over 20 different learning guides that you can choose from, and a large selection of online books. Each course is very easy to follow and user-friendly. The people who teach them are very good at their jobs, and you can see that they enjoy teaching their Adobe skills to new people. As you learn the basics and start to advance, there are more tutorials and more in-depth guides and projects you can attempt.

5. Phlearn

Phlearn was founded by Aaron Nace, and he is a huge name in the photography industry. They offer over 400 different tutorials, and they range from beginners to advanced users. Once you learn the basics, you can watch the more unique tutorials that go into Adobe’s special effects section. You’ll learn how to combine these special effects into your projects for truly stunning results. Phlearn offers a nice selection of free Adobe tutorials, and if you want access to them all, it is $9.99 per month. However, there is so much to see and try on this site that it is worth the subscription fee. The videos are being constantly updated, and it is a good idea to check back at least once a week to see if anything new has been posted.

Adobe is an excellent tool to have in today’s digital age. There are many ways that you can learn it, and if you’re dedicated, you could become very proficient with it. More jobs require you to know how to work Adobe’s features, and the better prepared you are, the less stress you’ll have trying to learn in a short time. The resources are out there, and it’s worth your time to look at them.

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