Top 5 Digital Cameras for Professional Looking Photography

Best Digital Cameras

Technology is surrounding every individual`s work and leisure activities. It is improving many aspects of educations, jobs, medicine. It is delivering services efficiently and fast. One important aspect of technology that many people have appreciated is digital cameras. Digital cameras are way better than mobile phones and any other usual cameras. It has the ability to display image instantly after it is recorded. It can store many images the same time because it has a memory card in it. Some recent digital cameras have better functions like image editing.

There are three main categories of digital cameras; the compact camera, mirrorless cameras and bridge camera. Compact cameras are mainly used for casual use. There is no setting that is needed before hitting the shutter button. There are available in the market with low prices. Sony RX100 is an atypical example of a compact camera. It has high-end sensor and lens for the best quality image. It is very simple to use because it has few manual control.

Bridge cameras are in between interchangeable lens system camera and compact camera. Bridge camera has sensors that are the same to those in a compact camera with similar image quality. Mirrorless Camera bridges the gap between a bridge camera and compact camera. They are sometimes referred to as compact system digital cameras. They provide excellent image quality and high level of convenience. Sony full frame A7 II is a good example of a mirrorless digital camera. There are five main of camera that produces high-quality image and videos.

Panasonic GX800

Panasonic GX800 has been rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. The keys features of Panasonic GX800 are:

  • 4K video
  • Ultra-compact digital camera body
  • Selfie-friendly screen with 180-degree flip screen
  • Average price is $499

This digital camera is suitable for those photographers who need something simple but still take wonderful photos. The size of the camera will even fit the pocket of a photographer. This digital camera does not have a viewfinder; it is replaced with a flip screen to let someone take high-quality selfie photos. It has 16 Megapixels micro sensors and uses the same lens like any other Panasonic digital camera.

Sony RX10 III

Sony RX10 III is rated 4 out of 5 stars. The fundamental features of this digital camera are:

  • 4K video
  • Average price is $2000
  • 20.1 MP one –inch sensor
  • 24-600mmf/2.3-4.0 lens

This is purely a bridge camera. Since the time this type of camera appeared on the market, it has not disappointed photographers because of its high performance. The latest has proven to be the best digital camera ever. The lens quality is very high that make low light shots to appear good. The viewfinder is of high quality and full manual control. It also has raw shooting format. This digital camera produces an image very fast with a rate of 14fps. 4K video is a typical feature of many digital cameras. With this camera, it produces videos with a motion of 1000fps. This limited is very incredible.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 II

It is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. The key features of Olympus OM-D E-M1 II are:

  • 4K video
  • 20MP four thirds sensor
  • About 60fps shooting
  • Average price is $899

This camera is suitable for photographers that specialise sports and actions images. The frame rate is very fast, about 6fps. This is also the full resolution raw format. It has a highly electronic viewfinder. The screen is very sensitive and 121 point’s fast AF system. It is among the competent and best digital cameras in 2017. It has long battery life and cinema 4K. It produces the best excellent tracking focuses. It is weatherproof and has a high-resolution camera. This digital camera has the best TruePic VII image processor and 440 images battery life. This is the type of digital camera is a game changer in the digital camera industry.

Fujifilm X T2

This is an interesting and exciting mirrorless digital camera that is taking the market by storm. It offers good image quality and superb usability. The fundamental features of Fujifilm X T2 are:

  • High frame rates
  • 4K video
  • 24.3MP
  • Average price is $1599

X-T2 produces high-quality and beautiful pictures. Most photographers purchase additional battery grip to reinforce to this digital camera. The digital camera is very flexible because it can produce both traditional shape images and moving objects. The viewfinder is the leading with a high tilting screen. It can produce a different type of images at the same time. Even sports photographers prefer those type of digital camera because of high speed and high level of AF performance. Many of stylish and quality designer pictures are because of X T2. It provides a great track performance using X-Trans CMOS sensor. It has two SD card slots and up to 1/32000 shutter speed. It is mainly used by full-time professionals.

Leica Q (Type 116)

Leica is known for producing very desirable and high-quality pictures. Type 116 is the latest digital camera in Leica family. It has a glorious full frame with a fixed and fast focal lens. One can easily gravitate using manual control system. The unique feature of this type is that it has ISO control dial. The dial and manual controls are beautifully designed. Leica type 116 has a fantastic control and handling and high-quality lens.

The primary features are:

  • ISO 100 to 50 000
  • Average price is $3500
  • Fixed, 28 mm f/1.7 lens
  • 24.1 megapixel

People looking to purchase digital camera should compare a couple of factors. Some mega pixels the camera can shoot are a major factor. 1 or 2 mega pixels is sufficient enough to send attached images over email or to post them on the internet. Also, a digital camera should have an ability to zoom. Digital cameras have two main zooms; digital zoom and optical zoom. Optical zoom is the most preferable. Optical zoom will bring the picture close without distorting it. Digital zoom is just an enhancement of pictures. The last factor to consider when purchasing digital camera is price because most of them are worth the price.

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