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7 Ways Drones Have Revolutionized Photography

If you looked up into the sky above an event–a wedding, sporting event, rally, or similar–chances are you’d find a drone hovering above. The photos and video that come from these flying crafts have been changing the photography landscape.

An ability to reach places never thought possible are now fully realized with drone and UAV advancements. Drone’s have truly revolutionized photography in a variety of industries and there’s no going back. Here is a look at 7 Ways Drones Have Revolutionized Photography.

Latest Advancements in Drone Photography

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Pop onto Instagram and you’ll see a multitude of ways drone technology has advanced. Drones that can do tricks, drones that can arrange themselves into light shows, and drones that can take 4k video with ease. It seems like just a few years ago that drones were just a cute little toy or an expensive piece of machinery used by the military. Today, these drones have made their way to the commercial space and now, more than ever, photographers have realized their benefits.

As battery power increases and grows smaller and lighter, companies manufacturing drones are able to build better and more reliable cameras to capture those epic moments. Unmanned aerial vehicles are taking to the skies and revealing a world seldom seen.

These birds-eye view shots are able to produce stunning high definition videos and photos from impossible perspectives. All of this occurred over the last few years. Imagine what may arrive in the future–full-time streaming, high budget film photography, and drones that may be able to predict weather patterns.


Journalism photography has the power to spread the news on a global scale. Imagery can be interpreted by people of all cultures and languages. Whether it’s depicting the facial expressions that capture an emotional moment or the light and shadow that sets the mood–the phrase “a picture’s worth 1000 words,” seems appropriate when it comes to the work of a photojournalist.

Drone photography is transforming the work of photojournalists, allowing unique perspectives and otherwise challenging shots to be more possible. The use of drones can allow cameras access to natural disaster areas that would otherwise be unsafe to enter. It has the power to not only document moments in an event, it can also help to provide valuable information for aid and emergency response.


drone following a skiier

Sports photography has always been an important aspect to the celebration of the human experience. Photography of sports highlights the human prowess and strength, capturing emotions and physical feats that captivate us.

The most challenging component to sports photography is the speed at which motion is captured. The use of drones is effectively improving the ability to shoot unique angles and maintain full coverage for the duration of the event. Drone photographers can be more present and confident that there will be plenty of images to fill their portfolio.


Wildlife photography has attracted many spectators who are interested in admiring the spectacular diversity of life found on Earth. It has helped shape our understanding of animal behaviors and continues to bring awareness to those creatures we may never encounter in the real world. This form of education is critical to the work of conservationists and scientists.

Drones are dramatically shifting our ability to photograph animals in their natural habitat. Because drones are relatively silent, we can now photograph animals without disturbing their normal behaviors. Drone photography also allows us the ability to access areas that are challenging due to geographical reasons.

Real Estate

drone photo from high above a house for sale

House hunting begins with a photograph. For many realtors, the importance of highlighting a home’s features with quality photographs can make all the difference on whether or not clients will show interest in a property. If you’ve ever looked around a home listing online, chances are you’ve seen the photos. These can be entirely hit or miss and can be a determining factor in whether or not someone buys a house.

The use of drones for real estate photography is rapidly growing. This approach allows for greater shots of the entire property. These wide views allow the potential buyer to visualize exactly what is entailed in the purchase of the property. Other unique drone perspectives can also be shot of the home, from window views to detailed 360 shots of the exterior. Drones are really changing the way we look at real estate virtual tours.


Photography at weddings is pretty much guaranteed. Documenting a very special day in one’s life is essential. Hiring a photographer is a mind-numbing process to some. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of photographers in the local area alone. The quality level can range from why are you even taking photos to you are way too pricey for me but I love your shots.

A few budding entrepreneurs have emerged with a new business idea. Drone photography for weddings is exploding in popularity. You spend hours making sure every detail is right and want it all captured. A professional UAV photographer can come in and capture your wedding from angles and perspectives never thought possible.


drone flying above crops

In the past, farmers have to walk or ride through crops to see how they’re doing. Physical counts of livestock ensured quantifiable numbers but take a lot of time. The center of a tall crop of corn may be experiencing disease and the farmer may not see it or have the capability of getting to it. Farming is a tough job that requires a ton of hands-on work. Technology has eased a bit of this burden but until drones came along, it could only help so much.

Drones are allowing farmers and commercial farming companies the opportunity to take greater control of agriculture management. There are drones that hover over crops to ensure proper growing cycles. Others may use drones to track the numbers of livestock. What farmers couldn’t do before, drones are allowing now. They give farmers a deeper access to their crops making their job easier and their farms to be more productive.

National Security

Satellite imagery is a way for governments to search for targets, surveil suspects, and plan & execute missions. The quality of the satellite imagery has gotten better over the years but still produce only a highly specific picture that takes time to process and collate.

National security may require people to get close to a dangerous situation. Gas leaks, natural disaster damage, land management, and monitoring migration all might be tasks in which a government agency has to respond. Sending in human resources may be the only option if they don’t have a tool to get them closer.

Drones allow governments to get close to the action. When problems arise around the world and situations are too dangerous for people to go in, drones can come to the rescue. Capturing live images or video of an ongoing event may mean the difference between life or death. Drones have provided national governments with the tools needed to safely assess before taking further action. They’re literally saving lives and each day the technology for UAVs grow.

Final Take

The possibilities of drone photography expand daily. Tracking endangered species, capturing a last second touchdown, monitoring livestock counts, assessing national security, and allowing journalists access to war torn areas safely are only a few ways that drones have revolutionized photography. The technology is only getting better and the future of drone imagery is rapidly advancing.

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