what is the future of art

What is the Future of Art?

Art is timeless. It is one of the most basic ways by which humans can express themselves. Our fears, our dreams, our visions of a better world or of the afterlife or of worlds across the stars; all these have been represented through the limitless media of art since prehistoric times. The course of history, a tale rich in the rises and falls of empires and religions and political agenda, runs parallel to the evolution of new ways of expressing ourselves through art.

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da vinci portrait

5 Reasons Leonardo da Vinci Was the Greatest Artist Ever

Ask people to name a famous artist, and they are likely to mention Leonardo Da Vinci whether they know anything about art or not. His influence cast a broad shadow over the art world. He stands as one of the greatest artists humanity has ever seen.

“But is he overrated?” you might ask.

Leonardo was truly a unique individual, not just artist, and part of the value and superiority of his art is his interest in the world around him.

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artist tools

A True Artist’s Essentials for Success in a Modern World

What an Artist Needs

In the modern world, there are many entities in pop culture toted as artists. Sometimes, these personalities and brands are nothing more than a veneer, manufactured by a conglomerate to net the highest profit. Manufactured stars are quite popular, and sometimes, the latent talent of true artists can be overshadowed by a more trendy spectacle. However, it’s possible for real artists to thrive and be successful without sacrificing their authenticity and special qualities. Below are several of the essentials an artist needs to soar creatively and net the success they’ve always dreamed of.

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